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Expertise Subsection

To ensure the best use of your appointment time with Dr. Sharpless, please come as fully prepared as possible with each item listed below, along with a friend or family member for emotional support. Call our office before your visit if you are having trouble getting the needed information together.


Completed patient forms that can be downloaded HERE


List of questions to ask and discuss with your doctor

List of family medical history with the following details:

• Cancer type

• Age diagnosed

• Age deceased and cause of death

• Other family Illnesses

• Any inherited genes you are aware of


List of all your doctors with the following details for each:

• Name

• Address

• Phone Number


CD containing the following (and their reports) taken over the past 3-5 years:

• Mammograms

• Ultrasounds


• CT Scans

• Any other imaging



It is important to hand-deliver these important documents to ensure their safe arrival and avoid any delays in your consultation.

If you are unable to hand-deliver reports and materials, please call our office to confirm the correct delivery location:

1025 Everett Road, Suite 2, Lake Forest, Illinois, 60045

If you have had any prior biopsies or surgeries, copies of your pathology reports are required.

NOTE: If you choose to undergo surgery, your actual pathology slides will be required to confirm your diagnosis.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation regarding your first appointment information.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey to make it as smooth and caring as possible.


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